Uptown Kitchen Collection

The Uptown Kitchen collection is a great way to add functional, classic style to your kitchen or bar area.  The round wood tray with brass handles looks beautiful when leaning against a backsplash, or when it's used as a charcuterie or dessert board.  We paired it with an equally functional and chic marble tray with brass handle and a lidded jar to hold everything from coffee pods to bar snacks to kitchen staples.  The Platters & Boards book ties the look together and provides some helpful ideas for entertaining with the collection pieces.    

The tailored lines and brown wood tones make this set versatile for almost any decor style that incorporates warm tones.  The brass accents give it an elevated look. 

Display it on a bar with your favorite bar accessories, and fill the jar with your favorite bar snacks.


Use it at a coffee or tea station.  The glass jar can be used for tea bags or coffee pods and you can serve pastries on the wood board.  The marble board can hold all of your favorite condiments like butter and jam. 

We also love the set on your kitchen counters, with the books and board leaning against the backsplash and your salt and pepper grinders, candle, or small plant on the marble tray.  Fill the jars with flour, sugar or oats.