Mixed Modern Collection - Style Guide

Knik Knak's Mixed Modern Capsule Collection contains 5 monochromatic sets featuring statement-making shapes, finishes and textures that will give your space a modern and sophisticated look.  The pieces span from dark, natural elements like iron, stone, and matted metals, to white-washed wood, rattan, woven linen and weathered leather.  When paired together in our sets, these elements create the perfect balance, giving your space an effortlessly cool look that will have your guests asking, "where did you get that?"!  

We designed each of these sets in the collection to coordinate with one another for an effortless and confident home styling experience.  

Below are the Style Guides for each set within the collection.  We created these to help you with your purchasing decisions and to assist you with the arrangement of our sets in your own home.  

Table No. 1

The original Mixed Modern Table Collection incorporates some of the trendiest home decor styles we are seeing this year.  It's a little boho, a little modern, and a little farmhouse. This collection has a neutral, relaxed look that works great with modern farmhouse, rustic, boho and modern styles.  It's also a great way to bring some darker tones to your home. 

Place it on your fireplace mantel, console table, dresser, or layered on a large coffee or entry table.  You can also break up the collection into two smaller sets for use on nightstands or smaller end tables.  

Size wise it works best for tables that are between 42" and 80" wide, and that have at least 13" of depth.  The large urn with the pampas grass measures about 26" high so double check your space to make sure you have enough height.  

We like the candlesticks with or without taper candles.  We also like the idea of adding a scented candle to the wood bowl.  

Working with pampas grass.  Pampas is a natural grass and can vary from one pack to another.  Immediately remove pampas from protective packaging after receiving.  The stems are fragile so be careful when removing them from the packaging.  Gently shake and open pampas with your fingers. To keep them from further shedding, you can spritz a little hairspray on them.  Store upright in a cool, dry location.

Check out our Style Guide video for more styling tips and tricks for this set.  

Table No. 2

The smaller profile of our second table set in the Mixed Modern collection makes it perfect for a large side table, small-scale coffee table, dresser or nighstand.  In this image we have the candlesticks and vase placed opposite each other on a rectangle table, with the book and gold finished ring bridging the two.  But this set would also look great placed on a round side or coffee table by stacking the higher candles and vase next to each other towards the back of the table, with the book and ring towards the front (as seen here). We love the simplicity of the Living Beautiful book with this set, but any coffee table books will do (and stack them for some height).  You will need approximately 30" of space to display this set.  We also love this set paired with the Mixed Modern Pillows for an effortlessly cool family room. 

Table No. 3

This new table set in our Mixed Modern Collection features a long rattan tray with metal handles - a designer favorite!  We then layered in some bold and artistic accessories, giving this set a stylish look that suits so many decor styles, from contemporary to modern farmhouse.

In this picture we grouped the taller items (the snake plant and picture frame) together on one side for a descending, assymetrical look, but we also like displaying the plant and frame on either side of the tray, with the lower items bridging the taller items. We stacked two books on top of each other and then placed the marble links on top for a trendy and chic touch.  Any coffee table books will do, but we love the touch of color that Travel Home provides (available in Kniks & Knaks). You could also substitute covered boxes for the books, just make sure they are narrow enough to fit in the tray.  We then placed our Mixed Modern pillows in the baskets to fill in the bottom of this console table. 

It's perfect to place on a long entry or console table, a long coffee table, or a dresser.  You'll need about 40" or more of length to fit the tray. 


The Mixed Modern Kitchen set is comprised of a mix of rich, natural materials like mango wood, glazed stone, and marble, giving your kitchen a chic and stylish touch.  This set features two charcuterie boards made of white-washed mango wood with black stripes - they look so chic leaning against your kitchen backsplash.  We then layer on a black marble waterfall board to hold a stoneware bowl and spice holder. Use the bowl to hold fruit or your favorite botanicals (here we use faux succulents purchased at Hobby Lobby). You could also place cooking condiments and a crock of utensils on the tray for easy access when cooking.  The charcuterie boards will also be stunning for entertaining. 

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