Nikki and Kerri, Knik Knak’s proud female owners, have a friendship that stems over 35 years growing up together in the small town of Concord, Ohio. Kerri lives outside of Boston, MA, with her husband and two young boys. As a busy working mom, she has a business background in fashion merchandising and talent management for a Fortune 500 company, but she is best known in her friend circles as the ultimate home DIY expert. Nikki lives in the Scottsdale, Arizona area with her husband and two children, and has always had a good eye for style. She is a former lawyer who turned her passion for interior design into a successful residential decorating business in 2018.  

In 2020, on one of their many girls’ trips, Nikki and Kerri were discussing how challenging it is to achieve a styled and finished look for their homes. They would spend hours shopping brick and mortar stores and online sites to find the perfect accessories to complete their home's interior. And when they finally found the right pieces, they were unsure of how to arrange them in their own home. The discussion then turned to how they wished there was a direct to consumer company that would curate and sell sets of home accents, taking the time and guesswork out of styling the home. From there the concept of Knik Knak was born. They are excited to bring their vision to life, making high-style home decor accessible to everyone.