Nine Tips For Getting Your Guest Bedroom Ready For The Holidays

Are you hosting house guests this holiday season?  Impress them with a stylish and comfortable guest bedroom with thoughtful touches that are sure to create a warm welcome.

  1. Start with the basics. Furnish the room with the right size mattress and headboard.  A king size bed is ideal, but if it doesn’t leave enough room for nightstands or a dresser, then consider a queen or two twins.  Place nightstands on either side of the bed, and add reading lamps or wall sconces that are easily reachable. A small dresser in the room will give your guests a place to store their belongings.  If space is tight and you don’t have room for a full dresser, consider wide nightstands with drawers that double as dressers.  Bonus if you have room to create a small sitting area with a side table and reading lamp.  

Interior Design: Nikki Tally | Tally Interiors 

  1. Layer on the linens. Great décor is all about the layers.  It’s no different when making a bed.  Start with soft and neutral sheets, then add on a machine washable cotton blanket or quilt, a down comforter with removable duvet, and a bed throw.  I like to include two sets of standard size pillows in different levels of firmness.  Then layer on the decorative pillows (check out our Black & Tan pillow collection for inspiration).  These additional layers of bedding will help meet the different comfort needs of your guests.  And your guests will take one look at the bed and dream of sleep!

Interior Design: Nikki Tally | Tally Interiors

  1. Create hotel style comfort. Stock up on plenty of plush towels that have a soft, silky feel.  This will give your bath that hotel like comfort and luxury.   I’m a fan of Hotel Collection towels. If you really want to elevate your guests’ stay, provide robes and slippers.  I like to use white only guest towels because they are bleachable.  Don’t want makeup on your white washcloths? Provide your guests with washable makeup remover towels (I recently snagged a set from Costco).    
  1. Keep them organized. I like to stock the nightstands with thoughtful items like a water carafe and glasses, a scented candle and matches, a magazine or book about local happenings, tissues, and pen and paper. 

Interior Design: Nikki Tally | Tally Interiors

  1. Keep them hydrated. If you have the space in the guest bedroom, set up a comfort station with water, coffee, tea, and a bowl or jar filled with fresh fruit, granola bars, and nuts. Maybe include some wine and spirits too!  Or set aside an area of the kitchen or a bar area for that purpose.  Your guests can then enjoy grab and go drinks and snacks without having to ask you for help. (Psst...our Uptown Kitchen collection (pictured below), with its glass lidded jar and snack board, would work (and look) great in that space!) 

  1. Keep them charged. Place an extra phone charger in a drawer, and leave instructions for working any electronics in the room.  Include a sign with the Wi-Fi login and password. 
  1. Hang it up. Invest in a luggage rack (I found an inexpensive one at Target) and keep areas of the closet and dresser clear for their belongings.  Stock the closet with hangers, an iron or garment steamer, a laundry hamper, and plastic laundry bags like they have in hotels (I always grab a few from hotels to have on hand).  These touches will help keep your guest bedroom tidy during their stay.  
  1. Stock up. Place bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap in the shower.  I also like to keep a closet or drawer filled with travel size toiletries, medicines, a first aid kid, cleaning supplies, and extra toilet paper and tissues.  You never know what your guests may need and when, so it beats a middle of the night trip to the drugstore.
  1. Decorative Details.  Last, but certainly not least, is to decorate the room and bath with stylish finishing touches, such as throw pillows, throw blankets, and fresh flowers. We love how Knik Knak’s Desert Oasis collection jazzes up this guest bathroom with beautiful and thoughtful accessories like a scented candle, hand soap, and glass jars filled with bath salts and cotton balls.


With these touches, your friends and family may feel so comfortable and welcome that they may never want to leave!